The most valuable and most attractive region of the summit area of Velebit in terms of nature.
The widest part of the Velebit massif – edged on the seaward side by bare rocks, and on the mainland side by wooded plains – extends from the Vratnik Pass (698 m) on the road Otočac-Senj, to Veliki Alan (1379 m). The peak of Zavižan (1594 m), where there is a mountain lodge and a botanical garden, is an excellent starting out point for hiking and riding expeditions. The area offers serious challenges for experienced mountain bikers, climbers, fliers and speleologists. The ridge trail, known as the Premužić Trail, leads through the Rožanski kukovi reserve and offers breath-taking views of the sea and the islands all the way to the Island of Rab, as well as to the Hajdučki kukovi reserve, which is subject to a strict preservation regime.


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